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This page contains a listing of specifications and technical bulletins that pertain to Green Velvet Steam Engine Lubricants.
The files listed below are all in .pdf formats.  If there is a download subject you would like to see here please contact  us and we will attempt to find or write the material requested and upload it to this page.

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Resources & links to other Steamer Websites

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Southern Steam Trains has a complete roster of every Aster engine made with specifications and many photos, a good historical reference, as well as the Aster catalogue / manual - an indispensable part of a small-scale steam library.
The site has a comprehensive reference section with advice for the beginning small scale live steamer from Kevin O'Connor's Notes from the Unit Shop, plus articles, reviews and tuning tips by a plethora of noted experts."

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Steam Operations Corporation is the premier steam locomotive restoration firm in the nation. They perform all required rebuilding and restoration and complete the project with training and operations consulting. If you are going to restore and operate a steam locomotive Steam Operations Corporation is the right firm to bring on board at the beginning of your project.

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Blow smoke! - Shoot Flames! - Exhaust Gas! Antique Gas Engine Bulletin Board.  Discussion forums for antique engine enthusiasts related to collecting, restoring and showing these old engines. Boards are also provided for steel wheeled tractors and generators."

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