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 Lubrication Specialties Corporation  now offers approximately 20 different lubricant products formulated specifically for older machinery built before 1950.
We have the largest, most complete line of lubricants for older machinery in the United States. This status is no accident and is the result of a decade of concentrated effort toward resurrecting these old, obsolete lubricants for the benefit of heritage machinery operators everywhere.

 Lubrication Specialties founder, William Petitjean, P.E. was born in 1949, the year Baldwin, American and Lima produced their last new steam locomotives for American railroads.
His obsession with obsolete steam technologies has now lasted for over 50 years. This half century odyssey includes milestones like construction and operation of a steam sawmill and sale of the last new unaflow steam engine built in America.

 Long before the birth of Lubrication Specialties Petitjean learned the steam trades from retired machinists, boilermakers, locomotive engineers and steam power design engineers. These now deceased, fondly remembered friends started their careers in forgotten roundhouses and design offices during the years 1910, 1912 and 1937. With Petitjean they unwittingly forged a new link in the long, unbroken chain of steam power engineers.

 In 2002 Petitjean recognized the rapid demise of many traditional lubricants. Steam cylinder oil was among these victims.
Armed with a thick binder of cylinder oil specifications, gathered during employment at the old Skinner Engine Company in Erie, Pennsylvania, Petitjean started Lubrication Specialties Company at the beginning of the new century with three grades of traditional compounded steam cylinder oil.

 The roots of these formulations go back over 100 years. While Petitjean was not rigorously trained as a lubrication engineer, his intimate knowledge of the applications helped him hunt down the proper ingredients and learn how to blend these traditional sweet, dark oils.

 The current, extensive product line evolved by demand over the next decade and Lubrication Specialties Corporation of Carnation, Washington is now the largest single supplier of lubricants formulated specifically for older machines designed and built before 1950. They are available in convenient sized containers for discriminating heritage machinery operators who know our oils "were tried and true when their machinery was new”.

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